Lightsaber Unleashed

Lightsaber Unleashed for iPhone

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  • Version: 2.2

See if the force is with you in a battle of good versus evil

Lightsaber Unleashed is an app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that lets you step into the shoes of your favorite Star Wars character.

Have you ever wanted to swing your iPhone around like a Stars Wars lightsaber? Now you can with Lightsaber Unleashed. Simply pick the character of your choice from the five options listed or set up a custom player if you prefer. You can even choose to add in your own personal avatar and really get into the Lightsaber Unleashed game even more.

Lightsaber Unleashed offers several different lightsaber hilt and color options. Unfortunately, they're assigned automatically based on the character you choose to play. If you want to pick and choose on your own, you'll need to create a custom character. Once chosen, start defending your intergalactic territory by swinging your mobile device around. The sound effects match the speed at which you swing.

Unfortunately, that's really all there is to Lightsaber Unleashed, meaning there's no actual gameplay involved of any kind. All you do is choose your character and your lightsaber, and then start swinging. This could get boring for some people quite quickly.

If you're a diehard Star Wars fan though, Lightsaber Unleashed is a must for your collection.


  • Great, bright graphics
  • Fun sound effects and background music


  • No real gameplay or objectives


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Lightsaber Unleashed


Lightsaber Unleashed 2.2 for iPhone


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